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Our primary goal is to gather all Tumblr users from Bicol and use blogging as a method to promote what Bicol has to offer. The group also aims to provide help to get exposure through blogging.




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HOORAY for the end of Summer


This post is a little late bcos I was so lazy to write and I was getting ready for school (yah, I do that). So here goes my Tumblr Summer Ender Meetup 2014 (TSEM2014) experience.

Another "day well spent" realization as soon as my feet left the venue. It was my second time attending a Tumblr Meetup here in Bicol and the excitement level I felt was pretty much like the one I had when I decided to attend my first Meetup ALONE (which was Tumblr Febibig 2014 btw) and now I’m coming with someone! Haha.

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This is the first Tumblr meetup I’ve ever attended to and hoping that it wouldn’t be the last. I really had fun meeting these bloggers face to face. It’s a kind of socializing experience that I really want to be a part with.

And also, Hooray for freebies haha



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I have photos, but they suck. Low quality. So, I do what I do best, I write about it. LET’S GO.

Okay, so first off, I can’t stop saying amazeballs. Because it really was amazeballs!

I met new bloggers, had an amazing time and I won awesome stuff. FREE STUFF.

Since it was my first time though, it felt a bit awkward. I didn’t know people there (but there were also people that I knew, but it was sort of awkward for me since I don’t know what I should do… but, it’s a process).

But, as I participated in the games and stuff, I met people. AWESOME PEOPLE. AMAZEBALLS PEOPLE. YEAH.

They are really cool. Just the kind of people that appreciate. Very open-minded and really diverse. DIVERSITY! YEAH!

The whole event was about getting to know people, having fun and socialize as a community of bloggers that likes to spread their ideas as a whole. Make sense? Yeah, it should.

Ohh man, it was fun. FUN. The only word to describe it. (Actually, there are other words to describe it but, I’m way too lazy to write them down. Hahahahahahahaha.)

So, that’s it. I just wanted to share you this thing. Because y’know, Art of Randomness. Random things may apply. YEAH! SHAMELESS ADVERTISING! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

(Note: This is a Tumblr only entry. SO THIS MAKES IT A TUMBLR SPECIAL! YEAH! So, have fun! :P)


Ako po yung nasa register, yung taga bigay ng pamaypay tska ng name tag. ;) 

Woke up around 7 even though I slept late because I was so excited  (Baka anjan kasi si “Tumblr The One” cheretjk) Waited for Kuya Nick to fetch me (free transpo talaga ako sorry not sorry) We arrived at the convention center grounds to wait for people. Around 2 or 3(?) we started with a prayer and the groupings. Tenententenenenen UBE! Games games games games then prizes prizes prizes (bitter ako kasi hindi ako kasali tska wala akong prize) Then the governor arrived (to see melol) we took selfies and groupies with him, he watched them play longest line CONGRATS UBE & GREEN! Then the last game that involves flour and blowing, the objective of the game was to blow the flour from the glass to find a coin. lol @ ur faces HAHAHAHA

Ehe. Tumblr Meetup crushie hellooo :’) 

Bottom line is i love you all guys even though I suck at being an organizer, It was a privilege to meet all of you I’m glad I got to meet new people and reunite with the people I already know from the previous meetups. I really really regret not joining all the activities because I wasn’t able to spend time with all of you I just got to bond with some of you but there are lots of next times coming soon, I’m pretty sure we can all hang and get closer to one another. Just add me on Facebook or Twitter I promise I won’t bite. I just want to thank all of you for coming your attendance is very much appreciated. Thank you so much! Hope to see you again I love youuuuuuuu guise. Take care >:D<  💕😘 #TakeMeBackToTSEM2014 #TSEM2014 



Last 2011, I found about Tumblr Naga and it changed many things. 



It changed the way I saw this website. I thought it was just another blogsite but with more pictures turns out, it’s where all the awesome people go and be awesome. 

It changed the number of friends I have. Nagdagdag actually. Noon, wala talaga akong kilala sa Tumblr. Mga fina-follow ko ay mga di ko kilala o taga-ibang bansa.

Tapos, may nakita ako either sa facebook or dito na may “Tumblr Meetup”. Siyempre, baguhan ako noon so I searched it up and it got me realizing. I’m not the only on from Naga who blogs on Tumblr so it got me pumped up and ready to go. 

The meetup, “Tumblr Naga” , was hosting was at CWC and my 2 fellow cousins theskullcandiii and livinglifeinseconds went with me. Masaya! May mga meme props tapos mga photobloggers. Lahat lahat na. It was just sooo fun despite the heat. 

Sad to say, my cousin and I had to leave early but it was the best and it made me want to go to the next meetup. Long story short, I eventually became friends with the nickastig​ hehehehe along with many other organizers and that’s where it all started.image

I attended the next meetup which was the Febibig Meetup and that’s where I met the best people ever: judehahahatadzillla​ etc etc and we got to be really good friends! Nagjam kame kanya kanya kahit walang meetup tapos may special bond talaga. 


Time went on, naging close na rin kame kay Nick tapos sabi niya pwede din daw kame tumulong mag-organize ng meetup which soon became the Haciendas Meetup and it was one of the most successful meetups we’ve hosted. We had the best of games and I got to meet many new people. As in, masaya talaga ang experience. 


Leading on to our Tumbr Summer Ender Meetup last May 31, 2014! 

More details coming soon





okay i should probably stop feeding my mind with reasons to be lazy on blogging. but.. meh. it’s 1 am and my mind isn’t exactly capable of processing anything as of the moment (ya know, bc im bangag and all that shit).

hence, i raise you a shitty text post that contains, among other things:

  • the highlights of my day
  • attempts at putting decent captions
  • a crapload of selfies
  • my beautiful face

My friend Diane managed to get me out of my house to attend a meetup with tumblristas from all over Bicol. I was excited until I realized 2 seconds later that I’m literally the most socially awkward penguin and I’ll probs be super OP huhu. Nonetheless, I still attended bc 1) i dont want my friends to think I stood them up (esp. Plaza bc I just dragged him so he’d come haha), 2) I wanna take selfies with the other bloggers, and 3) I wanted to do something other than lying on my bedside in front of my laptop all day.

Anyways, we arrived at the area at about 2 pm. Here’s us gorgeously waiting for the event to start


L-R: martial-lawahlizahdayanne, yours truly, twinkle-toesss , smartmouthscientist

We were divided into four groups (based on the color of our name tags). I was placed in Team Blue.

The event kicked off with a contest. The group with the best yell wins a box of cupcakes from Ariane’s cupcakery.


Diane’s group bagged the cupcakes. She gave me her share, which I thoroughly enjoyed devouring. It tasted like murder, with just the right hint of angel’s tears.


Kidding. It was delish! If i could marry this cupcake, I would!

I was a gawky fucktard most of the time. I had a hard time befriending people because (im repeating this for emphasis) I’M A FRICKIN SOCIALLY AWKWARD PENGUIN :( but I mustered enough of my FC powers to take selfies with these people:


With our group leader, Malaking Baboy


With Maxie


With a groupmate. I really like her url. Check out her blog: whorizontal


I never got to ask their names lol

The organizers prepared four games

  • The first was a game wherein we had to mention another person’s url.


  • They claimed they thought of the second one a day before the event: bring me!
  • The third was longest line


 Diane and I were too lazy to join the game so we just had a mini photo op lol


  • There was also a game that involved flour. I didn’t join bc 1) I wore a dark-colored blouse, 2) I had my contacts on, and 3) again, I was too lazy haha



The organizers gave us a photo op. They provided us with cute cardboard chuchus such as these:


I think I’m really meant to be with this carboard chuchu:


I printed out our urls, too

Don’t forget to follow these people!

Amid the photoshoots, Gov. Migz arrived! It was my first time to meet him so I was starstruck and all. Asdfghjkl he’s 6969696969x hotter in person! Ferna’s lucky she gets to see him every now and then haha tweeaked


Alam na dis


Caught in the act lol

The event took place in the Provincial Capitol Grounds. There was a carnival right beside it. The organizers allowed us to go on the rides hahaimage

Huhu why do I have to be selectively photogenic?? (kudos to heddy for coining this phrase btw). Also, I hate Diane for looking gorgeous while I looked like a stupid potato

We also tried the Ferris Wheel. It was scary as hell! At one point I was screaming “NAGSISISI NA AKO SA MGA KASALANAN KO” repeatedly. I’m so sorry Torio hahaha


Thereafter, we went to a chain of gilid-gilid stores to grab some snacks. The flies that hovered over the fishball stands were disheartening. We ended up getting hennas instead


Diane got a Fairy Tail mark. Torio sponsored my tattoo. Idk what this is, really. Lol.

So that sums up my first (and hopefully, not the last) tumblr meetup. I could not think of a greater way to end the first half of my summer. This experience is totally one for the books. Kudos to the organizers for, er, organizing this event!


- fin -

Copyright infringement intended for the pictures. Deh joke lang. Credits to Kuya Nick and Diane :)

What to wear on the Tumblr Summer Ender Meet-up? by jamielouborile

Hey! Who’s excited for tomorrow’s #TSEM2014?!

So.. Nick Astig asked me to suggest some outfit inspirations from the Tumblr Summer Ender Meetup. A lot of my Tumblr friends are asking me too, so yeah! I made some outfit suggestions this whole afternoon. Teehee~


As you’ve known, the meet-up will be held during the Kaogma Festival and at the Camarines Sur Provincial Capitol Grounds, which! by the way, is in the place where the carnival is erected too! So as much as possible, attendees must feel the carnival and festival vibe in their outfits! 


And what do you remember when you hear the word ‘carnival’? For a Got To Believe fan, like me (sorrynotsorry heehee). Yes, The Chichay Outfit is the first outfit that came to my mind! Find the inner Chichay in you, and who knows? You might find your own Joaquin in the meetup too! Haha :p


Are you a fan of Coachella and Wanderland? Have you seen photos of what they wear there? It’s kinda famous in Tumblr so you might heard about it too. Outfits in those festivals are preferable too!


In events like this, it’s nice to wear something bohemian! Flowy outfits, denims, fringes, earth colors, and brown boots!


If you want something easy to style, a romper + denim vest combo would spark your outfit in a minute! Make it cuter by wearing a pair of girly sneakers.


And don’t forget your floral crowns!!


But you can go as laidback as you want too. Crop tops, denim buttondown, pair of short shorts and sneakers and you’re ready to go!


You can go as a rocker too! If that’s your style. I’d definitely wear something like this too! :)


For guys, tank top + denim buttondown + khaki shorts combo would be a really cute choice! Adding a pair of boat shoes and fedora hat would make it even cuter!


For the even more stylish guys, adding an effort to layer a denim vest to your normal shirt + short combo would really make a big difference! Make it more pogi with your favorite snapback and a pair of sneakers.


I’ve been seeing this kind of outfit with a lot of guys recently. The hipster-ish thrashy style with guys is a hit now. Flannels are such a trend today, you can tie it around your waist to add even more swagger in your coordinate!

Overall, I think you should wear anything that you are comfortable with on this kinds of events.  There will be a lot of activities that would require you to move physically, so yeah, wear your comfiest shoes as much as possible! But don’t forget to have a hint of summer, festive or carnival vibe on your outfit! There will be a lot of cameras snipsnapping on your face tomorrow! You don’t want to look unprepared on the photos that your co-bloggers will be blogging, don’t you? ;)

These are just merely suggestions from me. Hope to see you all fash tomorrow!

xo Jamie

It’s back!Tumblr Bicol and The Provincial Capitol of Camarines SurPresentsTumblr Summer Ender Meetup 2014 @ Kaogma Festival 2014
Bloggers let’s end the summer with a bang!Meet new Friends | Games and Prizes | Enjoy the Carnival May 31 | 1 pm Provincial Capitol Grounds.Registration: Capitol Convention Center. Meetup is absolutely FREE!Snacks will be provided. First 150 participants only.————————————————-No free transportation will be provided. ————————————————-for more information join our facebook group: here:;source=49In cooperation withSole Searching Soul | | #SSSNaga City Deck | Salon and Spa &amp; Motives Travel and ToursAriane’s Cupcakes | Ariane CortezOfficial Hashtag#TSEM2014

It’s back!
Tumblr Bicol and The Provincial Capitol of Camarines Sur


Tumblr Summer Ender Meetup 2014 @ Kaogma Festival 2014

Bloggers let’s end the summer with a bang!
Meet new Friends | Games and Prizes | Enjoy the Carnival 

May 31 | 1 pm 
Provincial Capitol Grounds.

Registration: Capitol Convention Center. 

Meetup is absolutely FREE!

Snacks will be provided. 
First 150 participants only.

No free transportation will be provided. 

for more information join our facebook group:

RSVP here:

In cooperation with
Sole Searching Soul | | #SSS

Naga City Deck |

Motives Salon and Spa & Motives Travel and Tours

Ariane’s Cupcakes | Ariane Cortez

Official Hashtag

A Date to Remember


According to the dictionary, dating is a form of courtship consisting of social activities done by two people. In my situation, it was me and the whole town of Daet who were going on a date. Date in Daet just gave me one of the best experiences in discovering the beauty of the Philippines. Dating the whole people of Daet and experiencing what they can offer made me admire the Filipinos’ undeniable hospitality and cheerfulness more. Date In Daet did not just give me a front seat view on how we could enjoy the town, but it also gave me great new friends along the way. 

Here is a first fun fact:

According to the first Bicol-Spanish dictionary “Vocabolario de la Lengue Vicol by Fray Marcos de Lisboa, Daet also originated from the ancient Bicol term “daet,” this means, “to make friend” or “to be reconciled.”

I have visited Daet before and the first time I was there, I missed a lot of what Daet has to offer. It was my second time visiting the progressing town of Daet this year and I’m very thankful for my second round. I got to see and experience, firsthand, Daet, Camarines Norte! So, without further adieu, here is my fully story on how my date went on at the newest emerging town in the country! 


From Naga, it’s a 1 ½ - 2 hour car drive, while it’s an 8-hour drive from Manila. I arrived around 7am in Daet from Naga. First, I met my co-blogger friends from Daet, who were also invited by our solemate to this date, and the person behind the Date in Daet escapade, a fellow blogger, Apple Allison ( Jamie, Lou, Danica and I joined our fellow bloggers from different parts of the country at the Kapitolyo ng Camarines Norte, which is just around the vicinity of the town proper. We got to meet other solemates and some local government officials who will be joining our Daet escapade. 

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The long wait is over!
Everyone is invited to join Albay Tumblr Meet up on March 22, 2014, Saturday, 1pm onwards at Albay Park and Wildlife.If you failed to join us during Tumblr Karangahan Meet Up (TKMU), this is now your chance to be with us! Be an Albayano or not, you are very welcome! ♥
For more information, just ask the following organizers:
And for faster updates, please join our facebook group.
Official Facebook Group
There will be an on-site registration of Php 50.00. The entrance fee of Php 20.00 is not yet included. Just approach the organizers for more information. See you! Please spread the exciting news!


The long wait is over!

Everyone is invited to join Albay Tumblr Meet up on March 22, 2014, Saturday, 1pm onwards at Albay Park and Wildlife.If you failed to join us during Tumblr Karangahan Meet Up (TKMU), this is now your chance to be with us! Be an Albayano or not, you are very welcome! ♥

For more information, just ask the following organizers:

And for faster updates, please join our facebook group.


There will be an on-site registration of Php 50.00. The entrance fee of Php 20.00 is not yet included. Just approach the organizers for more information. See you! Please spread the exciting news!

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh